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Vehicle Solutions for Beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts

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Leasing Benefits To The Trust Officer

A Single Monthly Payment Covers Everything

Includes Vehicle Lease
Warranty Coverage for 5 Years/75,000 Miles
Insurance Coverage for Beneficiary and All Drivers
24/7 Emergency Mobility Roadside Assistance
Vehicle Maintenance -oil changes, new tires, brakes etc.
Service for Major Repairs on Entire Vehicle and Conversion
Eliminates Large Capital Outlay for Vehicle Purchase
Home Delivery and Client Training
Reduction of Liability and Maintenance Concerns
We Coordinate Everything Through the Purchase and Lease

Direct Purchase Is Also Available

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What Our Clients Say

"Really easy to work with everyone involved in the purchase. Would highly recommend! They do great work and delivered, yes delivered, a clean and well cared vehicle JUST as described. Only wish I had found them sooner."


"We love the customer service and fantastic product they provide. We had our vehicle delivered and was very appreciative of this service. This is our fourth vehicle from MSS and would not go elsewhere, keep up fantastic customer service"


"Love the new van. All employees were knowledgeable and easy to work with. Even with the delay due to Covid the process was easy and seamless."


"I am so happy with my new to me van! The whole process from the first phone conversation the loan rates, delivery and instructions were excellent. Best of all I have my independence back."


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Vehicle Solutions for Beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Go About Selecting A Vehicle?

We are a nationwide company. Once we have the Trust Officer’s and Beneficiary’s approval to move forward, we will go through a series of questions to determine what vehicle best fits the beneficiary’s needs.  These questions range from medical and physical requirements to color preference of the vehicle. We will find options available and recommend specifications to help make a selection.  Once that vehicle has been approved, we will work directly with the Trust Officer to handle all necessary paperwork

If I want to Lease, what are the terms of the Lease?

Our standard lease is for 5 Years/75,000 miles. Included in your lease payment is Vehicle Insurance, Annual Registration, Service & Maintenance, 24/7 Mobility Roadside Assistance and an Extended Warranty.

How do I register my vehicle?

Registration is included in your lease payment. Our Tax,Title & License Department will work with your state to ensure annual registration is handled throughout the five-year lease.

What is covered under the Protective Vehicle Protection Plan?

This Protective Vehicle Protection Plan extends the coverage on your vehicle and the conversion throughout the duration of the lease as long as the miles are not exceeded.

How do I get my vehicle serviced?

Service and Maintenance are both included in the leasing option. Our service team will coordinate any repairs and arrange payment with the shop or the customer for work completed. Simply contact our service team when needing any service work or maintenance work and we will walk you through the necessary steps.

What happens if I get in an accident?

Please contact our Service Department immediately.  They will assess any damage, file an insurance claim, coordinate a rental vehicle if necessary, and take care of getting the damaged vehicle to a service shop for repairs.